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Thank you for visiting my site! This can be the beginning of a journey to healing and a wonderful relationship with yourself - and others - that leaves you feeling at peace, confident, secure, valued, and loved. I offer you the highest level of sophisticated therapy in a supportive and safe atmosphere.

Everyone has a unique life full of special challenges, and everyone is different. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs so I take a holistic view, considering all of you and your context, and offering an effective, creative and collaborative approach. The trust and safety of the therapeutic relationship and my extensive practical skills and long experience in this field offers you different levels and opportunities:

Therapy to address everyday problems of life : Life challenges, transitions, adjustments, and change - dating, marriage, mid-life, aging, loss, grief, career problems, difficult relationships, etc. I can help you make better choices through increased self-awareness, and exploration of new options, to live in alignment with your true sense of yourself and your core values. Receive the essential support to establish the best life you can with whatever cards you have been dealt.

Understanding your emotional world, beliefs and perceptions : If you suffer because of your emotional life, have persistent unhappiness, anxiety, loneliness, self-esteem problems, insomnia, personality difficulties, or have a history of trauma, addictions, body issues etc, I can be of great help. By listening carefully to your narrative I identify the character and purpose of old repetitive patterns and themes that lead to pain and conflict in relationships. The therapeutic relationship itself can be used to work these through. Themes are often the signature of traumatic experience and existential dilemmas and as we explore your meaning-making, I help you expand your horizons. These changes allow you move toward cherished hopes. The website title “themes and dreams” describes this therapeutic path to feeling empowered and on your way to growth and wellbeing.

Tap into the wisdom of unconscious symbolic process : When you feel stuck in life, or are not living up to your potential, are bothered by ennui, or don't know what direction to take, a creative journey of discovery may be needed. Most aspects of our lives are symbolized in metaphorical manifestations - dreams, ritualistic behaviors, images, day dreams, art, spirituality, and special fascinations. This level of work can become a most absorbing and creative conversation.

It is an honor and very fulfilling for me to accompany you on your vital and important journey. I am very well trained! I am a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, and faculty member at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis/LA, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (lic. LMFT 37181). I have also sought other diverse training from Post-Modern Narrative Theory, to Self Psychology (study group), to Jungian (6 years of consultation and provision of Jungian Classical supervised therapy for patients of the Jung Institute Keiffer-Franz Clinic), to Relational Gestalt, and Mindful Self-Compassion.

Please visit the rest of the site to learn more. You have taken a first step on the wonderful adventure to enjoying you and your life! Call or email me to discuss an individual or couples therapy or psychoanalysis - link below:

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