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Trauma*                                                                     Grief and Mourning*
Creativity*                                                                 Unconscious Accommodation*
Loneliness and Rejection*                                     Self-Loathing, Shame*
Emotional Intimacy Problems                              Dating and Relationship difficulties

12 Step Addiction and Recovery process           Alcoholic family systems
Body-image problems                                           Eating Disorders - overeating, bulimia
Difficulty with Emotions                                        Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors
Individuation, Differentiation                                Self-Actualization

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder                            Chronic Stress
Anxiety                                                                       Depression
Insomnia                                                                    Caregiving/ losing self-focus 
Work issues                                                               Life Directions and transitions

*Cumulative Trauma:  I am particularly skilled in helping with the lifelong consequences of every day, endlessly repeated, malattunements and the micro-traumas that occurred in your childhood.  Such frequent repetition of seemingly minor hurts can often lead to serious unconscious impediments in relationships, self-experience, and quality of life: 

Symptoms include addictions, self-sabotaging behaviors, difficulty with commitment and romantic love, poor self-compassion, anxiety, conflict avoidance, loneliness, compliance, dissociation or spacing out, persistent nightmares, insomnia, startle response, loss of connection to self, difficulty knowing what you want, peculiar enactments, obsessions and compulsions, PTSD, and bouts of depression.

*Shattering Trauma:  Sometimes severe trauma remains unremembered, but you compare yourself to other people and don’t understand why you are so different.  Sometimes you remember but don’t want to go there.  Severe levels of the above symptoms may be signaling that it is the right time to seek the truth about why you had to become the survivor you are, and to find ways to change.

*Grief and Mourning:  For some, grief never goes away and sadness endures.  But, yearning may lead to frightening and dark emotional states.  Grief can be complex and difficult to resolve and you may suffer anger, shame, or guilt and worry about why you secretly maintain your relationship with the beloved.  Feeling different from others may lead to disinterest in social life.  You may relive the past and feel trapped in a time warp, your life is effectively over.  I can offer you a safe and comforting place to talk and integrate all that has happened.  This will help you focus on your priorities and shaping your future.  

*Creativity: Perhaps you are seeking more depth to life, would like to go deeper into some of the ideas and archetypes Jung researched, or you are overwhelmed by your shadow or seeking a guide, muse or mentor.  Or, spontaneity and creative play elude you, and great ideas are not carried to completion. You may be working below your capability, stuck, or avoiding being creative.  

*Unconscious accommodation/people-pleasing/ co-dependence: Saying “yes” when you mean “no,” not being able to make up your mind, being overly influenced by others, or “living someone else’s life” are all indicators that you have lost touch with you!

*Loneliness:  There are multiple forms of loneliness - from transient to enduring.  If being around other people can paradoxically make you lonelier, and you predict that every relationship will end in loss, I can help.  If loneliness is your constant companion, let’s talk about it.

I work with this wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, providing services in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client's individual needs, to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

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