Jungian Therapy

Jung was concerned about the secret life of Self, Soul, Spirit, and the second half of life, while Freud was interested in the early years, the unconscious, and bodily instinctual behavior (particularly the oedipal complex) as it affected social life.  Jung developed a theory to understand the “individuation” process of becoming whole (or all one is meant to be).  He saw the human pilgrimage toward wholeness reflected in archetypal stories that endured across centuries in mythology, religion, rituals, foods, art, music, and dance.

If you are hoping to explore and enrich your inner life, your creativity and expressiveness, engage your imagination, explore a rich cultural heritage, and work toward personal fulfillment and wholeness, our use of Jungian ideas can serve as a wonderful source.

SANDTRAY:A Jungian modality, creating a world in a sandtray using miniatures, is a waking dream.  It is an intuitive and creative emergent process occurring as your trays develop across time.  Useful to creative adults and those who would rather talk less in order to hear themselves, sandtray can be an adjunct modality to talk therapy or a stand-alone process.  Each tray is photographed (not analyzed) then after the series is complete we look at the photos together and discuss meaning and significance.

DREAMS AND SYMBOLS:  Please see the next page

Experience: Two years working and studying at The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles as part of the Kieffer Frantz Clinic, public programs, and six years of Jungian professional consultation.

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